Butterfly Home Decor

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3 products
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Stallion Hurricane Candle Holder
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Dreamy Romantic Couple - Large
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Butterfly Candle Holder
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Butterfly home decor and Butterfly decorations

Shop with Truly Earthy and bring home the exquisite Butterfly home décor for you and your loved one. The butterfly décor will instantly add dimension and depth to the interior of your house.

The meaning of butterfly décor

The butterfly breaks the cocoon with its fluttering wings to fly high worldwide. Its decoration in the house is emblematic of hope, transformation and endurance. Keeping butterfly decorations in homes or offices will remind you to stand the test of time and emerge victorious.

Butterfly decoration for Vastu

According to Feng Shui, Butterfly decorations should be kept in the southwest direction. This is because it can bring joy and happiness. People suffering from depression and anxiety should keep butterfly décor in their living spaces to reduce stress levels. The butterfly decoration will also remind you that one can be their butterfly and fly high.

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