Elephant Decor

7 products

7 products
Life of Elephants Sculpture
Sale price Rs. 4,799.00 Regular price Rs. 5,799.00 Save 17%
Golden Elephants Figurine
Sale price Rs. 3,799.00 Regular price Rs. 4,299.00 Save 12%
Royal Indian Elephant
Sale price Rs. 2,199.00 Regular price Rs. 2,599.00 Save 15%
Scenic Elephant Sculpture
Sale price Rs. 3,999.00 Regular price Rs. 4,499.00 Save 11%

Elephant figurines for homes and offices

Elephant décor items for interior decoration of homes and offices have always been a favourite pick for many buyers. They are some of the most bought animal figurines from main door decoration. Elephant-themed art and home decor have become so varied that it's easy to discern why people are so enamoured with these royal designs. You can also place them as entryway décor. Their placements are considered very promising and are believed to bring good luck.

Meaning of elephant showpiece

The symbol of elephant showpieces holds a special meaning. Elephants are representative of knowledge and wisdom, and generally, they are gentle and peaceful creatures. They are worshipped in India and across many Asian cultures. Placing their statues or décor disseminates energies of wisdom, calm and peace.

Placement of elephant décor

You can check Truly Earthy for our charming assortment of elephant décor. For example, keep this Royal Elephant metal planter on either side of your entrance door. It adds a unique touch of lively plants coupled with the optimistic energy of these giant animals. Put these cute décor of elephant ceramic planters in your garden area for decoration or your indoor decoration.

Elephant décor Vastu

According to Vastu Shastra, the white elephant figurine stands for prosperity, abundance and luxury. The red elephant figurine represents fame and appreciation, and the three elephants represent a peaceful family life.

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