Living Room Decor

113 products

113 products
Cool Dog -Storage Holder
from Rs. 3,399.00
The Lion King - Artefact
Sale price Rs. 2,499.00 Regular price Rs. 3,199.00 Save 22%
The Auspicious 7 Horses
Sale price Rs. 11,999.00 Regular price Rs. 14,999.00 Save 20%
Emaar Gold Camel
Sale price Rs. 5,199.00 Regular price Rs. 5,999.00 Save 13%
Victorian Ornamental Vase
Rs. 7,449.00
Modern Geometric Deer Statue - Set of 2
from Rs. 1,899.00 Regular price Rs. 2,499.00 Save 24%
Rustic Bull Bookend
Sale price Rs. 5,399.00 Regular price Rs. 5,899.00 Save 8%
French Antelope Figurine
from Rs. 4,799.00
Sold Out
Arabian Horse Statue
from Rs. 1,399.00 Regular price Rs. 2,199.00 Save 36%
Abstract Couple in Love
Sale price Rs. 2,299.00 Regular price Rs. 3,399.00 Save 32%
Fab Horse Head Sculpture
Sale price Rs. 4,799.00 Regular price Rs. 5,899.00 Save 19%
Mystic Elephant Duo
Sale price Rs. 2,799.00 Regular price Rs. 3,199.00 Save 13%
Lucky Feng Shui Fish
Sale price Rs. 7,399.00 Regular price Rs. 9,999.00 Save 26%
Buddha on Peacock
Sale price Rs. 2,899.00 Regular price Rs. 3,799.00 Save 24%
Eagle & Family
Sale price Rs. 3,899.00 Regular price Rs. 4,799.00 Save 19%
Sold Out
Mom-Son Duo
Sale price Rs. 1,999.00 Regular price Rs. 2,599.00 Save 23%
Tiger & Love Birds Sculpture
Sale price Rs. 2,899.00 Regular price Rs. 4,399.00 Save 34%

Living Room Decor

Living room is the centre attraction of your house. It’s a space where you enjoy watching a movie with your family or spending quality time with your loved ones. So make sure to adorn your living room with exquisite décor.

The best home decor for a living room will depend on the style and preferences of the homeowner. Here are a few decorative items for living room ideas to consider:

Stylish wall clocks: Artwork is a great way to add depth and character to a living room. Look for wall clocks that reflect your style or interests. Wall clocks look fabulous as a drawing room wall decoration.

Table Lamps: Lamps can help to create a warm, cosy vibe and are functional items that everyone can use. These lamps look phenomenal as a drawing room décor.

Bookends: Bookends with beautiful designs or interesting symbols can be a nice addition to a table or bookshelf.

Decorative Showpieces: Small decorative items such as paintings, maracame and abstract figurines can add character to a living room.

Planters: A fresh bouquet of flowers in a potted plant can bring life and colour to a living room.

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