Painting Wall Art

30 products

30 products
Famous Horses - Korean Fine Paper Print (Framed - 9 x 9 inches)
from Rs. 799.00
Classic - Korean Fine Paper Print (Framed - 9 x 9 inches)
from Rs. 799.00
radha krishna pichwai painting
radha krishna pichwai painting, closeup
Radha Krishna & Cows - Handmade Pichwai Painting (Unframed / 4 x 4 feet)
Rs. 56,000.00
shrinathji pichwai painting
shrinathji pichwai painting, closeup
Shrinathji & Gopis - Handmade Pichwai Painting (Unframed / 5 x 3 feet)
Rs. 56,000.00
Sold Out
pichwai painting
pichwai painting, closeup
Handmade PHAGUN SHRINGAAR PICHWAI (Unframed / 3(w) x 4(h) feet)
Rs. 48,000.00
Buddha 3D Canvas Painting
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Wall paintings

Paintings for wall decor can instantaneously accentuate the aesthetics of a room by giving it a splash of colour, character, and style. The kind of painting you use is also reflective of your understanding of arts and artists.

They can be used to draw the attention of onlookers to an area or to hide a temporary flaw of the walls. Paintings can also be used to convey a thought or a meaning that you are closely attached to. It can also add a sense of history or cultural significance to a room.

Overall, wall paintings can be a worthy decorative item for walls.

Check out 3D paintings from Truly Earthy to enhance the beauty of your walls.

There are different kinds of paintings that are available for decoration. For example

Murals: They are the large, detailed paintings that cover an entire wall or a considerable area of the wall.

Canvas paintings: Paintings that are mounted on a canvas and hung on the wall.

3D paintings: To create that lively look in your room, 3D paintings are the best.
Choose what suits your taste best and create a cohesive design for your living spaces with best wall paintings.

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