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4 products
Buddha on Peacock
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Peacock Feather Metal Planter (without Plant)
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Peacock decor

Peacock decor refers to decorative items that feature the image or symbol of a peacock.  Peacock decor is associated with motion, vitality and endurance. Peacock decor is a great Vastu decor as well. According to Vastu Shastra, placing peacock decor in the house and office brings you great luck, wealth and prosperity.

The peacock is often associated with beauty, pride, and prosperity and these themes are often reflected in peacock decor. In Indian culture, the peacock is a symbol of royalty and opulence. Owing to such qualities, Peacock is also known as the National Bird of India.
The peacock is also often associated with spiritual and cultural traditions, and its image is often used in religious artwork and symbolism.In Hinduism, for example, the peacock is seen as a motif of righteousness, and is the carrier of the deity Kartikeya.

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