Wall Decor for Living Room

45 products

45 products
Famous Horses - Korean Fine Paper Print (Framed - 9 x 9 inches)
from Rs. 799.00
Classic - Korean Fine Paper Print (Framed - 9 x 9 inches)
from Rs. 799.00
radha krishna pichwai painting
radha krishna pichwai painting, closeup
Radha Krishna & Cows - Handmade Pichwai Painting (Unframed / 4 x 4 feet)
Rs. 56,000.00
shrinathji pichwai painting
shrinathji pichwai painting, closeup
Shrinathji & Gopis - Handmade Pichwai Painting (Unframed / 5 x 3 feet)
Rs. 56,000.00
Sold Out
pichwai painting
pichwai painting, closeup
Handmade PHAGUN SHRINGAAR PICHWAI (Unframed / 3(w) x 4(h) feet)
Rs. 48,000.00
Uber Leather Wall Clock
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Wall Décor for living room

The walls of your living room deserve much needed attention. And there are many ways in which you can amp up the décor of the walls of your living room.

You can hang a large piece of 3D painting or small set of paintings to create a focal point in the room for the wall decor for the living room. Adding an accent mirror on the wall will provide regal touch to the walls. You can also explore your options with different wall frames for the living room.
In addition, use some wall shelves to exhibit decorative set pieces or potted plants. Hang some decorative swords from our website to create a feeling of awe and amusement.
Another option is to install elegant wall sconces or candleholders to create an eye-pleasing decor. You can also hinge a retro styled clock or an antique calendar to imbue your walls with vintage-y vibes.

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