Accessorize Your Home With Indoor Planters


There is no better way to enliven up your space than installing eye-catchy indoor planters. Potted plants infuse serenity in your home. They exude a luxurious charm that makes your space look and feels aesthetically more pleasing. The beauty of indoor planters is more enchanting than expensive artifacts. Today, installing indoor planters at home has become a popular trend. Just because they require less maintenance and can jazz up any spare space, they are fondly desired. Well, when it comes to decorating your home with green planters, there is no dearth of ideas. But if you are a beginner looking for some inspiration to transform your home into a fresh abode, we are here to help you.Given below are some stylish ideas to accessorize your home with indoor planters.

1. Add plants to bookshelves

Turn your bookshelf into a captivating display by adorning it with a lush green plant. Adding a plant or two can add texture to your not so appealing space. Using few smaller-sized potted plants in combination with photos and few travel accessories can make your bookshelf a highlight in the home.

2. Create a Raised Focal Point

A smart way to add greenery to your space without taking up too much space is to use hanging planters. For a focal point hang planters above the window in your bedroom. Pick a plant that showcases an overflowing look. This will lend a dynamic effect to your room. Complement it with floral print pillows and succulents on the bedside table.

3. Choose to Create Spotlight

For a minimalist approach, use a single planter. The planter should be attractive to create a visual appeal. Arrange this planter on your coffee table, dining table, or on the entry console to act as a spotlight. Since you are using a single planter, opt for something that sports a tall and full appearance.

4.Create a Welcoming ambiance

A green planter in the entryway is sure to please your guests. It will make your space feel more inviting. A woven basket planter with tall and lean plants will work as a great accessory to glam up your home.

5. Dress up your wall in green

A great way to accessorize your home is to use planters as wall décor. This is a cool way to fill up empty spaces. Hanging side by side beautiful vases with green plants will add a triple dose of beauty to your home.

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