Indoor Herbs Garden: Growing Herbs by Your Windows


There is nothing quite like having a harvest of fresh herbs right outside your window to flavor up your meals. Herbs are crucial ingredients to add a tinge of flavor to your dishes. So if you are fortunate enough to own an herb garden, you can enjoy the taste of culinary herbs anytime. But what if you have a garden space outdoors? Use indoors, that’s simple. Luckily, you can grow your herb garden by your kitchen or room windows.

Nevertheless, when it comes to creating an herb garden, the selection of the right plants is very crucial. This is because different herbs have different requirements. The herbs you choose should be suitable to be grown according to your area’s climate. Well, there are few herbs that can grow well in all types of climatic conditions as well as are easy to grow and care for.

So, let’s go over exactly what herbs to include in your window boxes.

Herbs That Grow Well Indoors

Parsley is best to be grown all around the year. It requires moderate room temperature to grow. Parsley is one of the commonly used herbs for flavoring dishes and salads. If grown properly it can germinate speedily.

#2. Mint:
Mint is a good addition to your herb garden. It is an immensely popular herb that is used in a myriad of cuisines. Growing mint is very easy as it doesn’t require plenty of sunlight and can spread fast without putting in many efforts.

#3. Basil:
Basil is an annual herb that can be easily be grown in small pots or in window boxes. For healthy growth, Basil needs well-drained soil, access to sunlight, and proper heat. The herb has a spicy aroma that is used for flavoring several traditional dishes.

#4.Curry leaves:
Widely popular for their unique aroma, curry leaves are staples in Indian dishes. This herb offers a lot of health benefits; therefore, it is a must for your herb garden. Apart from a good aroma, curry leaves also impart a rich taste to your dishes.

#5. Chives:
A chive is an ideal herb for your home garden as it can thrive in less sunlight. Chives spread faster and do not require much care. The tender herb can add taste to any dish. You can replace it  with onions in few dishes to enjoy a different taste.

Key Takeaway

Now that you know what herbs to grow, you can easily turn a sunny window into a wonderful indoor herb garden. Creating an herb garden by your window will allow you to relish your favorite herbs from the confines of your home. But remember to stick to regular watering and fertilization to thrive your herb garden.

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