Five Essential Gardening Tools and Accessories You Must Own


To enjoy gardening you need not be a hard-core green-thumbed individual, instead just the right tools at hand can do the task. Gardening is more productive, easier, and just a lot more fun with the right tools and accessories. Using appropriate tools and accessories can help you keep your garden in the best shape. Well, there are dozens of tools and accessories available easily in the market. In this article, we’ll cover the most important tools and accessories that are must-haves for every gardener.

1. Garden Scissors

Scissors are one of the most essential tools for any gardener. Although often neglected scissors hold a prominent place in your gardening toolkit. It is a versatile tool that can perform endless tasks. Ranging from simple pruning, digging out weeds to opening seed packets, scissors are the right tool to accomplish multiple tasks in your garden.

2. Pruning Secateurs

Ergonomically designed to cut or trim different parts of plants, Pruning Secateurs is an indispensable tool for any garden. It is also referred to as pruning shear or hand pruner. Secateurs is a small, easy-to-use, handheld device used for trimming bushes, grass, cutting weeds, and shaping flower beds. These are available in different styles, sizes, and handedness. 

3. Hand Trowel

The trowel is designed for digging plant holes. It features a pointed metal/plastic blade affixed to a wooden/plastic handle. A trowel is a handy tool that can be used in multiple ways. It can loosen up plant soil, dig out unwanted weeds, as well as transplant seedlings. For lasting performance, choose the trowels with a stainless steel blade.

4. Prong Weeder

Prong weeder is an another important garden tool used for removing weeds,  small roots as well also for digging holes to sow seeds.The prong weeder features metal prongs and wooden handle for comfortable handling. It can also used for turning soil and cleaning leaves from garden.

5. Watering Tools

The last and most important tools required in your garden are watering tools. Watering hose, sprinklers, pressure pumps, and watering cans, there are innumerous options for watering your garden. However, if you have a large number of plants to water, then a hose is an ideal choice. A watering hose spreads water equally in all directions. No matter what tool you choose, water is necessary to keep your garden blooming.

So there you have it! These are some of the most important garden tools and accessories that no gardener should miss out on to keep thriving their garden at its best.

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