The Ultimate Guide to Home Décor Trends


Our Home is an expression of our beliefs & values and an extension of who we are. The first impression of our home leaves a lasting impression in the minds of our friends and family.

The style of interior décor could be anything from Classic to Contemporary, Minimalistic or Outlandish, Modern or Traditional, Eclectic or Bohemian, but most important, is that the way we combine utility, aesthetic, and art is an expression of our personal style.

So, what is your style of designing the interiors of your home? What are the most common types of interiors? You might wonder why do I need to know the types of interiors. Well, only you know which style really defines you and your lifestyle.

So, we will help you to understand the most popular design themes –

Contemporary Interior Design style

The contemporary designs are fluidic in nature. It refers to everything that is in trend now. It can change in next 3 years or 5 years or 10years, but it will change with changing times.

Elements in Contemporary Designs

  • Natural light & open spaces
  • Use of natural and textural fabrics
  • Very dark or very light tones of wood
  • Neutral colors
  • Use of metal accent pieces

 Traditional Interior Designing Style

Traditional Indian style is a combination of several regional styles. The most common features are the use of ornate carvings, handicrafts, solid wood furniture and distinctly “Indian” elements like swings and grills.

Elements in Traditional Design

  • Wood panelling and moulding with elaborate carvings
  • Classic Indian décor
  • Antique pieces
  • The tiles with velvet or silk touch

 Modern Style of Interior Design

While contemporary style changes with times, Modern style refers to a particular period in time & is defined by clean and crisp lines & use of materials like glass and steel.

Elements in Modern Interior Design

  • Furniture with clean lines, smooth and sleek surface & neutral colours
  • Bold colour contrasts for accentuating the interior
  • Plain area rugs or geometric pattern
  • Open floor plans
  • Asymmetric design made with intention

  Minimalist Interior Design Style

This unique style is inspired by Japanese design based on the principle of “less is more” and believes in simplicity, clean elegance with minimum accessories.

Elements in Minimalist Interior Design

  • The interiors should be simple
  • Subtle & Subdued colors or prints are used, vibrant colors are avoided
  • The use of furniture and fittings are to a bare minimum
  • Enough space inside for good ventilation & airy atmosphere
  • Emphasis is on functionality & storage

  Eclectic Interior Designing Style

Modern furnishing and carefully selected pieces combine to give a high energy, culture rich interior. This has the rich mix of colors & patterns to make it inspiring & is very popular for the youngsters with their anything-goes spirit.

Elements of Eclectic Interior Design:

  • High energy décor
  • Any type of creativity with freedom
  • Use of bright colors and vivid patterns
  • Mixing of old and new style

 Bohemian Interior Designing Style

The essence of Bohemian style is free-spirited aesthetic & adventurous spirit that mixes different cultures and artistic expressions into a laid-back atmosphere.

Elements of Bohemian Interior Design:  

  • rich patterns and vibrant colors,
  • Layers of fabrics, wood, animal hide, and metallic accents.
  • emphasis on nature.
  • Use of trinkets, small accessories

 Industrial Interior Design Style

The keywords to define this style of designing is a sense of unfinished, raw & masculinity. The overall feel is often rustic and mature.

Elements in Industrial Interior Design

  • High ceiling
  • Use of old timber, exposed brick wall & metal fixtures
  • Abstract art
  • The neutral color scheme is ideally followed 

Beach Style Interior Design

The essence of this style of designing is to have nothing between the indoors and outdoors to have a very comfortable lived-in feel. The main element of the style is to have a connect with nature by addition of indoor plants, open airy feel and use of natural fabrics.

Elements of Beach Side Décor:

  • White or very light colors used as color scheme
  • Use of Surf and shells
  • It should be light and breezy
  • Big Glass Windows to get a see through and through view of the outside
  • Natural oak frame is used

There are many more types of interiors, our endeavor is to share the most popular themes in India.

Hope this Blog will be of help in getting you started on your dream home!!

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