Luxury Wedding Gifts for Couple in 2022

As the wedding season approaches, there is only one thing that stresses us out “what to gift to the newly married couple? Something that is unique & premium looking, personal as well as right-priced .”
You may think of a hundred gift options, but when you want to buy a luxury present for the bride and groom, you are lost. We have all been in this situation at some time and that is why we are here to give you some tips to choose the perfect luxury wedding gift.

What are the things to keep in mind when buying luxury gifts for a wedding couple?

Value for Money - Wedding gift expenses are unexpected ones. You can spend some cash on a decent gift, but you do not want to spend a fortune that imbalances your budget. This is why, before choosing a wedding gift, considering your budget with a strict upper limit is a must! Reframe it

How & how well do you know the couple - Your relationship with the couple is also a significant factor to consider while choosing a gift. If you are in a friendly relationship with the couple, you can go for something light and playful. But if you have severe corporate relations with the couple, you may want to go for something classy and elegant. Reframe it

The personality of the couple – write a few lines

Right size - Sometimes, the couple may even be having a destination wedding, and they may find it difficult to carry your gift back home. This is why, even if you consider giving something huge, try to get it delivered to their doorstep instead of showcasing it at the ceremony. Reframe it

Complimentary Gifts- If you choose individual gifts for both, make sure the luxury wedding gifts for the groom and bride are more or less complimentary.

Timing- Do not wait till the last moment to choose and buy the gifts. You are more prone to make a wrong choice if you choose a gift at the 11th hour. But if you do get caught in such a situation, this gifting guide is just for you!

What to gift to couples this wedding season?

These classy gift ideas are your perfect choice for wedding gifts. If you are looking for luxury anniversary gifts for a couple, these suggestions can double up as those too!

Candleholders – candles and candle holders can add a feeling of romance to any room. A beautiful, unique, luxurious candle stand would be a perfect gift, it could be a modern minimalistic design to elaborate royal candle stands.

Exquisite Statues- If you are looking for luxury anniversary gifts for a couple who loves to decorate their house, statues are ideal! You have a plethora of options to choose from- Buddha statues, horse statues, laughing buddha statues- choose anyone you think the couple might like.

Lamps- If you are close to the couple and know their taste, you can even gift them a lamp by the theme of their home. Choose a traditional lamp for the couple rooted in ethnicity or an abstract modern lamp for a modern-day couple- the choices are unlimited! reframe

Bookends- If you are looking for a luxury wedding gift for a couple who is a book lovers, bookends might be the ultimate choice. With their exquisite design, they make your home look very luxurious and classy.

Planters- Everyone loves a shade of green at home. If you choose a beautiful, cute or elegant planter made of glass, ceramic, or metal, your gift is sure to be loved! Planters can fit perfectly anywhere, and there is a high chance that your gift would find an honoured place in the couple’s living room or bedroom.
How to present the gift that you have chosen? There are too many words but no substance. Just write about the benefits of online.

There are many ways to let the chosen gift reach the couple. Some may be plain classic, while some may require some effort.

Handing luxury wedding gifts to the couple is the most readily acceptable and widely used method of presenting the gift to a couple.

Giving a Pre-Wedding Gift- If you are very close to the bride and groom, you may plan to visit their place before the wedding and take the gift with you.

Giving a Post-Wedding Gift- If you were unable to make it to the wedding of someone very close to you- in personal or professional terms, you may pay a visit to them after the wedding and present the gift to them at that time.

Secret Arrangement- You can team up with someone who lives with them to secretly place the gift in a very prominent place and wait for their reaction.

Ordering Online- The best way to ensure that your gift reaches the person in the best condition is to choose a gift online and get it delivered to their doorstep. TrulyEarthy can help you with this. TrulyEarthy ensures shipping within 24hrs of placing the order on a weekday. So even if the order is placed on a weekend, the order will be dispatched on the next working day.

Now you see, choosing a gift is not as difficult as it seems! All the more, it is the love and good wishes behind the gift that matters and not the gift in reality. Therefore, you can choose any of the gifts mentioned here and explore TrulyEarthy for more such ideas. Reframe this sentence, we cannot say that gift is not important when we are trying to sell the gift. Write that gift should show the intent of the one gifting & their love for the couple.

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