Ornamental Gardening: A Beginner’s Guide


Ornamental gardening is a fantastic way to create a serene and green space in and around your home. In ornamental gardening, decorative plants are grown for display purposes. The ornamental plants are more popularly known for their aesthetic appeal and visual charm than functionality. Although some ornamental plants are both decorative and functional. Ornamental gardening may involve growing flowering plants, shrubs, bulbs, foliage plants, grasses, and trees. Well, if you are searching for some inspiration for ornamental gardening, you are in the right place. Here you will find all the important things you need to know about ornamental gardening.
So, here we go…

In ornamental gardening, plants play a crucial role. The ornamental plants are available in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and colors. But not all plants flourish in the same conditions. Each type of plant is unique so are its requirements. So let us find out different factors to assess when growing ornamental plants.

Factors to consider in Growing Ornamental Plants

1. Location: Ornamental plants can be grown anywhere, indoor or outdoor. You can grow them as a lawn edge, in a garden to create layered beds, or to create a patio. Plus, these plants are also well suited to be grown in a window sill or hanging pots.

2. Temperature: In general, ornamental plants can grow at all temperatures. But the most suitable temperature is between 25- 35 degrees.

3. Watering Requirements: Ornamental plants have normal water requirements. However, frequent watering is needed during sunny and warm weather. Moreover, the ideal time to water plants is either at night or in the early morning.

4. Selection of plants: Choose ornamental plants based on the climatic conditions at your place. Also, consider the area where you want to do the planting, whether it is sunny or shadowy.

5. Soil: Soil plays an important role in gardening. Use well-drained soil with a PH between 6 -7 for the healthy growth of ornamental plants.

6. Fertilization: Regular fertilization is crucial for ornamental gardening. Organic fertilizers such as animal manures, cottonseed meal, and bone meal are the most recommended to ensure proper nutrients in the soil.

7. Mulching: Mulching helps soil retain moisture and necessary nutrients. It also prevents weed growth. Organic mulches such as dried leaves, pine straw, or hardwood chips are ideally suitable.

Most Popular Indoor Ornamental Plants

Here is a handpicked list of ornamental indoor plants suitable to be grown in India.

  1. Lucky bamboo plant
  2. Snake plant
  3. Money plant
  4. Aloe Vera
  5. Peace Lily
  6. Dracaena reflexa
  7. Ferns
  8. Anthurium
  9. Dragon Tree
  10. Areca Palm
  11. Grape Ivy

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