The Art of Gifting Planters


What’s more exciting than gifting your loved one something that grows with time! Sounds cool, right!

Thoughtful, lovable, and eco-friendly- gifting planters is the latest trend making waves this season. A large number of people are looking forward to embracing this out-of-box gifting idea. Unlike days bygone, surprising your loved ones with soft toys and bouquets are long over.

Planters are meaningful gifts that have the charm to light up the receiver’s mood instantly. They are economical, beautiful, and obviously are meant to last long. Available in exotic range planters can add a dash of refreshment to any corner of your home. So why not choose them as a token to express appreciation to your loved ones?

Given below are some clever ideas to help you master the art of gifting planters.

1. Table-Top terrarium:

You can’t go wrong with Table-Top terrariums. If your loved one is an aspiring green thumb, he/ she would definitely love being pampered with this amazing gift. Intriguing and modern, table-top terrariums make a smart coffee table centerpiece.


2.Metal Pots:

If there’s something that redefines the class and epitome of planters, it has to be the metal pots. Place them at your dining table to line them at your windows, these planters look great wherever you place them. These attractive planters will not just add a positive vibe to your spaces, but at the same time, will also infuse a cheerful vibe to let your loved one feel joyous.


3. Resin Planters:

Treat your art lover friends and family members with a personalized resin pot. These fun pots can mix up any décor to create an appealing effect. These pieces with fresh blooms will make a perfect gift for any occasion.


4. Ceramic Hanging Planters:

Perfect for balcony, terrace, or any open space, the ceramic hanging planters make a unique gift. You can send them to your loved ones along with a beautiful house plant.


5. Terracotta Clay pots:

Offering seemingly endless options, the terracotta planters are available in a range of designs, patterns, and sizes. Play some tricks and customize the pot’s look as per the receiver’s like.


6. Casket Design Printed Planters

If your loved one prefers to flaunt some elegance, these planters make an ideal gift for them. Whether you plant them with unique succulents, colorful flowers, funky cacti, or air plants, these pots create a stunning statement.

I hope these adorable planters inspire your gifting instinct. Definitely, gifting them will help you show off your love for your dear ones. Modern, practical, and long-lasting- gifting planters is just the right thing to convey your feelings.

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