Vastu Home Decor Items to buy in 2023


The New Year 2023 has commenced. And it calls for new changes in our lives as well as in our homes. So take this opportunity to declutter and refurbish your home décor. Invoke positive, optimistic and nurturing energy in your abodes. By making slight modifications to your home interiors, you can elevate the whole vibe of your home. It will, in turn, boost your spirits and uplift your mood. You can achieve this by bringing Vastu home decor items into your homes. 

What are Vastu and Vastu Shastra?

In the Sanskrit language, the word Vastu means a site, a habitation or a place where one dwells. Vastu Shastra is the conceptual science and art of architecture, construction and design. It dates back to the Vedic Period. It is said that it is a Vedanga, a subdivision of the Sthapatya Veda, which belongs to the Yajur Veda. The Vastu principles are primarily based on harnessing cosmic energies to the house's structural design to create an environment of peace and prosperity for the inhabitants.

The Chinese concept of Feng Shui is similar to Vastu Shastra. These ancient concepts attempt to be the equilibrium of cosmic energies of the five elements – air, water, earth, fire and sky. 

If your home is not Vastu compliant or if you are looking to improve the spiritual energy of your home, look no further. Luckily, certain home decor items can be meticulously placed in our homes for positive energy. You can browse from an exclusive collection of Vastu home décor and Feng shui decor on Truly Earthy

Let’s take a look at Vastu Home Decor Items to buy in 2023, their placement direction and benefits: 

The Auspicious Seven horses: In Vastu Shastra and Feng shui, placing figurines of animals in home is considered fortunate. One such animal figurine is that of a horse. A horse represents the spiritual strength of independence, freedom, nobleness, endurance, faith, triumph and valour. In Hinduism, the Sun god’s chariot also has seven horses attached to it. The statue of the seven horses can bring financial prosperity and is useful for a flourishing career. It serves as a reminder of being diligent and keeps moving forth despite setbacks and hardships. 

Direction: The best direction to place the seven horses should be in the north direction. And if you plan to keep the statue in the south direction make sure the statue of the seven horses faces a window or a door. 

Laughing Buddha: Bring home the statue of laughing Buddha or Budai, which symbolises happiness, tranquillity and contentment. According to Feng shui, the laughing Buddha carries a basket or sometimes a (Potli) bag in which he takes away one's woes, sorrows and miseries and gives them peace, good luck and a gift of well-being. It is claimed that caressing his belly every day offers you and your family luck, happiness, and money. The statue of the laughing Buddha is available in different shapes and forms. Each shape and form holds a different meaning. For example: Laughing Buddha on Frog with Coins, if placed correctly, can help attract lots of wealth, luck, positivity, and blessings in a career.

Direction: South-East is the best way to place the laughing Buddha statue for financial growth. Otherwise, you can also do an east-facing placement of the statue. 

Exquisite Elephant Decor: Elephants are revered and worshipped in India and many Asian cultures. The giant creatures are emblematic of strength, optimism, knowledge and prosperity. In Hinduism, the elephant-headed Lord Ganesha is a highly reverential deity. In southern India, elephants play an essential role in many temple processions. People pay them their respect. Hence, elephant decor can bring good luck and prosperity to your home. But one must know the right place and direction to place these beautiful and majestic creatures' figurines.

A figurine with a group of seven elephants indicates family bond, fertility and seven virtues, and you should ideally place it in a bedroom. An elephant figurine with a trunk in an upward direction shows fortune and success. You can even put elephant-shaped planters in your garden as garden decor. 

Direction to place: Ideal location to put elephant decor is in the north and northeast. You can place them in any area of your home, barring the kitchen and bathroom. 

Evil eye wall hanging: An evil eye is a talisman; a bead or disc is used for protection against negative energies of jealousy and envy. An evil eye charm has an iris which is bright blue, occasionally black, and encircled by white and dark blue rings. In India, we denote it as Nazar dosh, negatively impacting the house's inner vibe. It is believed that such negative energies could lead to sudden illnesses, loss of wealth, or bad luck. To counter such negative energies, people use evil eye amulets for protection. Bring home an evil eye wall hanging to protect you and your family from negative energy.

Direction to place: You can hinge an evil eye wall hanging on your entrance door to cancel out negative energy entering your home. The focus of the evil eye amulet should be opposite to that of the guest. In addition, you can place it in your living room, bedroom, and children's room for protection. Make sure that it is set so that it is visible to onlookers. 

Lucky Fish Figurine: According to Vastu, eye-catching fish figurines can bring good fortune and peace and ward off evil. In Hinduism, fish is associated with Lord Vishnu’s Matsya Avatar (incarnation). The best quality is that it can be placed in any room of your house- bedroom, study room or living room. The fish figurine is also said to balance the forces of Purush (masculine) and Prakriti (feminine) in your abode and create warm harmony. 

Direction to place: The best direction to place fish figurines is north-east or east direction. Keep your fish figurine tidy with a clean and dry cloth. 

Beautiful Butterfly decor: Many people might not know, but butterfly decor isn’t only for aesthetic purposes. It can also elevate the energies of your homes.  Butterfly decor signifies beauty and transformation. They are an affirmative omen and harbinger of pleasant news. In addition, they are also an emblem of love and liberty. Looking at butterfly décor can instil pleasantness and joy and purity in the mind of the onlooker. People suffering from mild depression or anxiety should keep butterfly décor in their homes for its soothing and healing effect. You can browse our Butterfly décor collection on our website for your home. 

Direction to place: Butterfly decor - be it a statue, a planter, or a painting, should be kept in the south-west direction for optimum results.

In conclusion, do not wait to renovate your house to be Vastu compliant. Instead, elevate your house’s energy with Truly Earthy’s collection of Vastu and Feng Shui decor.

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