Luxury Home Decor Collection You Can’t Afford to Miss in 2022


Your home defines your true personality. That is the place where all your energies belong and where you spend the most amount of your time. This is why your modern, stylish, warm personality needs a similar modern and luxurious home. So, investing in some high-end décor this year may be just what you need to rejuvenate yourself and your surroundings!

What are the key features of a luxury décor?

Luxury modern house interior design
 is about authenticity, beauty, and comfort. No one bounds the concept of luxury- you can find it in nature and a city landscape alike. This is why luxurious homes are decorated by experts individually for a particular client according to their personality and aesthetic. 

  • Whether you are a fan of the timeless classics, modern trends, or contemporary designs- all categories fit under the umbrella of luxury.
  • Luxurious home decors focus on exclusive and unique designs, premium quality, and luxe finish.

What are the leading modern home décor trends that have hit the world in 2022?
If you want to give your home a luxury home interior design that sets you apart from the crowd and let you show your unique personality through your home, here are some of the most trending luxury décor ideas for you. 

  • Positive Energy Home Accents - With more people becoming aware of the importance of spirituality with peace & harmony, related symbolic statutes and symbols are becoming extremely popular. So, a spiritual symbol like a buddha statue, a structure depicting 7 running horses or any feng shui symbol can add a factor of positivity to your luxurious home.
  • Lighting Decor - To make your home bright and radiant, add some antique candle stands or modern, eye-catching lamps in your living room, dining space, and bedroom.
  • Wall paintings - Evergreen paintings never go out of style- modern, abstract, scenic, portrait- whatever may be your style, do not forget to add an art piece to your home!
  • Wall Clocks - When you transform your home from basic to luxurious, keep in mind to also upgrade the time-teller: your wall clock! Whether you have a classic, modern, or vintage aesthetic- getting a complimenting wall clock will add all the magic.
  • Family Memories - Keep all your love in the photographs and highlight those moments in a table-top or a wall-mount photo frame. Photo frames add a very personal touch to your home and make the energies warm!
  • Bookends -If you love books, show the love! With unique and extravagant bookends, you can add a hint of wisdom and intellect to all the overwhelming luxury.
  • Focus on Greens - No matter your color palette, a modern luxury house interior always needs green plants! But why stick to those boring pots when you can get unique metal and ceramic pots and planters for your green babies!
  • Exclusivity - The more handmade, authentic, native, limited-edition pieces you add to your home décor collection, the more luxurious will it be. 

Why quality of decor pieces is important for Luxury Interiors?

Whatever your luxury house décor style may be, you will always get something at Truly Earthy at the luxury decor collection to embellish your home and make it a little more personal. Here you get all the qualities of the finest home décor of high quality finish at the right-price that makes your atmosphere light, not your pocket!

Good quality home decor ensures premium and safe packaging. Also, the premium packaging ensures that your fragile luxury home accessories do not get harmed in the shipping process. Quality should be the top priority and we must never try and comprise on it, to save cost.

There are so many options available at Truly Earthy to choose from- Luxe Décor, Lamps, Wall Décor, Pots & Planters, Macrame, and a lot more! It is considered one of the best luxury home decor stores. You can choose anything that truly resonates with your style and makes your home feel a little more luxurious, a little more homely!

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